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buildingSMART standards About Us

This site is the only official website maintained by buildingSMART to publish IFC and related buildingSMART data model standards.

The buildingSMART data model standards are developed by the Model Support Group [MSG], the implementation activities are coordinated by the Implementation Support Group [ISG]. Together both groups organize the IFC software certification process [Certification]. is the home of the Industry Foundation Classes [IFC].

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buildingSMART Standards My Software and IFC

buildingSMART defines a family of corresponding standards that interact :

Data Model Standards [IFC], and related specifications [MVD] are officially published at this website. related standards, such as [BCF] and affiliated standards are hosted here as well.

Data Dictionary Standard - International Framework for Dictionaries [IFD] and Process Definition Standard - Information Delivery Manual [IDM] are linked.

IFC is the complete and fully stable open and international standard for exchanging BIM data.

IFC is supported by about 150 software applications worldwide to enable better work flows for the AEC industry.

buildingSMART has a software certification process to support software developers quality assurance for IFC and to provide confidence to end users using IFC.

IFC4 released IFC2x3 certifications

On 12-03-2013 the long expected new edition of the main buildingSMART standard IFC has been officially released - IFC4 (former development title IFC2x4). It will be the basis for upcoming IFC solutions and incorporates numerous improvements and enhancements over the current IFC2x3 release.

NEW The development of the first two Model View Definitions for IFC4 has started. The new IFC4 Reference View will efficiently support all reference model based work flows, the IFC4 Design Transfer View will extent the capabilities of the IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0.

Also on 12-03-2013 the first software products have been certified to conform to the new IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0 Export requirements. This marks an important step towards better quality and more certified products are expected soon.

One year later, March 2014, there are 33 software applications from 26 software vendors participating, with 15 certificates granted (8 export, 7 import).

Having quality controlled IFC2x3 interfaces in use, while gradually moving towards IFC4 based solutions, is a necessity for end users.


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