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Model Support Group of buildingSMART International


The Model Support Group - MSG of buildingSMART International is a group of international experts from buildingSMART membership that builds and maintains buildingSMART data model standards.MSG is responsible for the development and maintenance of the IFC specification and related specifications. The Industry Foundation Classes - IFC are the main technical deliverable of buildingSMART in order to fulfill its goal to promote openBIM [see also »].

The main objective of MSG is to continuously develop, improve and maintain the IFC specification and to support its implementation in IFC compatible software. In addition, MSG is responsible for coordinating the Model View Definitions - MVD i.e. the definition of subsets of IFC to support certain data exchange and sharing use cases, or exchange requirements.

Related specifications, such as the Information Delivery Manual - IDM, and the International Framework for Dictionaries - IFD, are also supported by MSG in collaboration with other teams. In particular the correspondence between these definitions and the underlying IFC standard is overlooked by MSG.


MSG work tasks

  • Technical development road map for the IFC specification including setting strategic technical goals and IFC specification architecture
  • Consolidation and final integration of new model specification requirements put forward by IFC extension projects
  • Continuous work to maintain the IFC model specification, improve its documentation, its property set content
  • Maintain the issue resolution database, comment on issues and resolve them at the next appropriate IFC schema release
  • Publish, coordinate, and harmonize buildingSMART International Model View Definitions
  • Work on the necessary accompanying documents, implementation guides, model guides, tutorials, reader guide, and others.
  • Support the work of the ISG Implementation Support Group and help with the publishing of implementer agreements
  • Work with other buildingSMART committees and support the development of other buildingSMART standards IFD and IDM activities
  • Work with other external standardization groups to harmonize IFC definitions with other ISO standard deliverables
  • General MSG coordination activities, including regular meetings and web conferences


MSG membership

New members in MSG are proposed by the current group and endorsed by the relevant buildingSMART technical body, ITM. They are required to be experts in data modeling with an AEC industry background and contribute to the various MSG work tasks. Currently the membership includes:


Thomas Liebich MSG Leader Tim Chipman MSG Deputy, MVD
Nick Nisbet XML Coordinator Havard Bell IFD Collaboration
Yoshinobu Adachi Property Set Development Andreas Geiger Tool Development
Matthias Weise Schema Development Jon Mirtschin Tool Development
Peter Bonsma Tool Development