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mvdXML 1.0 released

buildingSMART has released the version 1.0 of mvdXML - the new schema and method to publish official subsets of IFC to satisfy well defined data exchange requirements.

Model View Definitions (MSG) have been the method to publish the IFC implementation requirements to satisfy data exchange requirements since a long time. The most well known buildingSMART MVD is the IFC2x3 Coordination View 2.0, currently open for certification. Others are the IFC2x3 FM Handover (used e.g  in COBie contracted exchanges), or the IFC2x3 Structural Analysis View. There are also MVD's developed outside of buildingSMART, such as CDB2010.

So far these MVD documentations are not computer readable and cannot be exchanged and compiled into executables to run certification and validation checks against it. The new mvdXML schema and supporting tools can now capture MVD concepts (reusable parts of IFC implementations) and validation rules (to auto-check against these constraints) in a formal language. This marks an important step forward.

The mvdXML capabilities to define general concepts as templates for IFC developments will be included directly into the upcoming IFC4 standard. Future certifications will be based on mvdXML and the certification setup can be directly compiled from mvdXML.

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