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Certification details


Official buildingSMART Certification

This is the only official buildingSMART website to publish guidelines, open certification calls and ongoing programs, and results for buildingSMART software certification.

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Details of the IFC Certification Procedure

In 2010 buildingSMART developed the new IFC Certification 2.0 procedure to significantly improve quality assurance and service to participating software companies. It cancels and replaces the old IFC Certification 1.0 procedure that had been used 2001-2010.

The buildingSMART IFC Software Certification procedure is intended to promote consistent and reliable implementations of the IFC specification by many software vendors across multiple software applications. The consistency aimed at by the certification program will help drive rapid evaluation, deployment and acceptance of the IFC standard for the exchange and sharing of Building Information Models.

The IFC Software Certification procedure has been updated during 2009 and 2010, leading to the new IFC Certification 2.0 procedure. The previous certification, following the IFC2x certification procedure is no longer executed and the validity of the old certification logos will be withdrawn.


Each individual certification process is guided by the applicable certification procedure and applies to a particular subset of the IFC data schema. Also the applicable costs are governed by the size of the schema subset selected. The subset is determined by:

  • the release of the IFC data schema
  • the model view definition, i.e. the subset of the IFC data schema, that corresponds to the exchange requirements selected for the certification. The model view definition needs to be accepted by and has to be under copyright of buildingSMART international in order to be applicable to buildingSMART certification.