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certification 2.0 summary



IFC Certification 2.0 procedure

The official specification of the IFC Certification 2.0 procedure established by buildingSMART in 2010 to be used by all upcoming certification programs:

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    open IFC Certification programs

    All official buildingSMART model view definitions are applicable for certification. Currently the following model view definitions are available for the buildingSMART IFC Certification 2.0,

    IFC Release Certifi-cation base MVDadd-on MVDexport / importavailable since remarks
    IFC2x3 CV V2.0
    Coordination View
    Version 2.0
    - export and import Jan 2011

    export - first awards have been handed out 12-03-2013

    import - first awards expected Autumn 2013


    Details of the IFC Certification 2.0 procedure

    The “IFC Certification 2.0” is an improved implementation of the former “IFC2x  Certification” procedure. The most important achievement of the “IFC Certification 2.0” procedure is a detailed quality control approach for the IFC interfaces on top of the self check performed by the software developer.

    NOTE The terms "2.0" and "IFC2x" in conjunction with the term "Certification" do not determine the applicability of an IFC Release to a Certification Process. The "IFC2x Certification" procedure has been the first official certification specification established in 2002 that is now superseded by the "IFC Certification 2.0" procedure in 2010.


    Principles of the IFC Certification 2.0 procedure
    The new IFC Certification 2.0 procedure based on the following principles:
    • the software certification is bound to a particular IFC Model View Definition supporting one or several Exchange Requirements occurring in the construction and facility management industries,
    • the software certification is provided with a conformance test suite containing:
      • model creation guideline sets to create comparable export test files with test instructions for export checking
      • automated export file testing based on validation rules that formalize the constraints imposed by the model view definition
      • calibration test files for import checking based on test instructions, i.e. check-lists and templates with testing criteria
    • the software certification is managed by a web-based database providing the certification center offering:
      • central storage and distribution of test guidelines, files and instructions,
      • central capturing and reporting of test results (at different levels of granularity and access rights)
      • running the automatic export testing and providing workflow support for manual evaluation processes

    The workflow of the IFC certification 2.0 procedure is supported by an online database and test center, GTDS, General Testing and Documentation Server. For all registered participants of an IFC Certification 2.0 process access details are provided that enable them to use the "certification center", a password protected area dedicated to support the certification process. Within the "certification center" all export test instructions, import calibration test files, automatic validation of uploaded files, check lists for manual test results, and other workflow support are provided.