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ongoing certifications

The following certification program is open:

Check the already certified software and who is still undergoing certification:

For more information, please go <here>.


Importance to usersService to developers

The most asked questions for interoperability that indicates its importance to users are:

  • does it work for the software applications used in the actual project?
  • does it support a specific workflow?
  • if there is an issue, who needs to address it?

The buildingSMART certification 2.0 procedure and the supporting online certification platform addresses those questions.

Check also the "Understand certification" page that introduces the buildingSMART certification by an analogy to other certificates and quality reports.

Software developers aiming for a distinguished IFC support look for support:

  • the buildingSMART certification 2.0 is the only official IFC certification issued by buildingSMART International.
  • it offers great value to support the quality assurance process
  • a protected and well recognized certification logo is awarded

The buildingSMART certification 2.0 offers automatic IFC file checking, high-quality test cases for export and import , an online support forum for questions and answer and a 24/7 availability of the certification server ».