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Understand certification

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certification analogy

How does certification relate to quality and how is it assured? Which services does buildingSMART provide?

What does buildingSMART certification guarantee?
Is there an overall picture?

Make an analogy to your car safety procedures →
See quality of IFC interfaces tested in many ways →

Software developers do testing of their implementation
buildingSMART does stringent certification
user organizations do reviews as well


Understand Certification

In-house quality assurance:

  • Car: during design and fabrication with simulations, pilots, prefabrication testing and tolerance monitoring
  • IFC: unit-, pilot- and beta-testing during software development


  • Car: done by authorities with recurring checks and by accredited independent organizations with crash-tests
  • IFC: organized by buildingSMART International with the well developed Certification 2.0 procedure - the only official buildingSMART IFC certification


  • Car: done by automobile associations, magazines, with own performance tests
  • IFC: done by authorities and companies with own exchange requirements to validate compliance with specific needs