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Overview page for the Linked Data Working Group

This page contains the technical information regarding the developments of the BuildingSMART Linked Data Working Group (LDWG). This group focuses first and foremost on the development and maintenance of a recommended ifcOWL ontology. Also within scope is the usage of linked data and semantic web technologies for support to other BuildingSMART International development efforts: MVD, bSDD, regulations, BIM Guides.

The ifcOWL ontology

A live version of the ifcOWL ontology is available at the following URIs:

These ontologies follow agreements made within the Linked Data Working Group (see the report of the 3rd Int'l Workshop on Linked Data in Architecture at TUEindhoven), except for the usage of the URI[schemaName] instead of[schemaName]. The namespace[schemaName] will be adopted as soon as the LDWG proposals made during the BuildingSMART Standards Summit in October 2015 in Singapore are accepted.

Scope of the Linked Data Working Group

  • ifcOWL
  • explorations & collaborations within BuildingSMART:
    • Product Room: bSDD
    • Regulatory Room: formal representation of rules
    • Building Room: MVD development
  • supporting use cases beyond the buildingSMART rooms:
    • OGC (Geography)
    • SWIMing (EU Project around Energy Efficiency)
    • SAREF (EC & TNO deliverable around Smart Appliances)
    • ReadyForSmartCities (EU CSA project with a number of deliverables on Energy Efficiency)
    • DURAARK (EU project around Digital Preservation)

Join the Linked Data Working Group

The group has monthly meetings to discuss technical progress. If you wish to join the Linked Data Working Group and take part in these meetings, then please notify Pieter Pauwels () or Jakob Beetz (), chairs of this group; and watch your inbox for upcoming meeting invitations.


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