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Definition from IAI: The IfcSpecularRoughness defines the datatype for the reflection resulting from the roughness of a surface through the height of surface impurities where the specular highlight is made sharper with small values for the roughness, such as 0.1.

Applies to "glass", "metal", "mirror" and "plastic" reflection models. Larger values, close to 1.0 decrease the specular fall-off.

IfcSpecularRoughness is of type REAL. It is constraint to values between (and including) 0 and 1.

NOTE: The datatype relates to the definition of "shiness" in VRML97, which is the reciprocate value to the specular roughness.

HISTORY: New type in Release IFC2x 2nd Edition.

EXPRESS specification:

TYPE IfcSpecularRoughness = REAL;
WR1  :  {0.0 <= SELF <= 1.0};

Formal Propositions:

WR1  :  Specular roughness shall be given as a non-negative value less than or equal to 1.0