Annex A


Computer interpretable listings

This annex contains a listing of the complete EXPRESS schema combining all definitions of clauses 5, 6, 7, and 8 without comments or other explanatory text. These listings are available in computer-interpretable form that may be parsed by computer.

NOTE  A ".txt" extension has been appended to the name of the ASCII file in order to ensure that it displays properly in a web browser. To use one of these files in a software application, remove the ".txt" extension.

Schemas are also published at the following URLs:

Schema definitions

This schema is defined within EXPRESS and XSD files.


DescriptionASCII fileHTML file
IFC EXPRESS long form schemaifc4.expifc4.exp.htm
IFC XSD long form schemaifcXML4.xsdifcXML4.xsd.htm

Property and quantity templates

Property sets and quantity sets are defined within IFC-SPF and IFC-XML files.


DescriptionASCII fileHTML file
IFC-SPF property and quantity templatesifc4.ifc 
IFC-XML property and quantity templatesifc4.ifcxml