5 Core data schemas

Core Data Schemas Plumbing FireProtection Domain Building Controls Domain Structural Analysis Domain Structural Elements Domain Structural Load Resource Presentation Organization Resource Presentation Definition Resource Presentation Appearance Resource Geometric Constraint Resource Constraint Resource Control Extension Electrical Domain Construction Management Domain HVAC Domain Shared Facilities Elements Shared Management Elements Shared Component Elements Shared Bldg Services Elements Shared Building Elements Architecture Domain Kernel Process Extension Product Extension Quantity Resource Property Resource Representation Resource Topology Resource Profile Resource Geometric Model Resource Geometry Resource Material Resource Measure Resource External Reference Resource Cost Resource Actor Resource Approval Resource DateTime Resource Utility Resource


The core data schemas establish the most general layer within the IFC schema architecture as shown highlighted in blue. Entities defined in this layer can be referenced and specialized by all entities above in the hierarchy. The core layer provides the basic structure, the fundamental relationships and the common concepts for all further specializations in aspect specific models.

All entities defined in the core layer and above derive from IfcRoot, having unique identification, name, description, and change control information.

5.1 IfcKernel
5.2 IfcControlExtension
5.3 IfcProcessExtension
5.4 IfcProductExtension