7.1 IfcArchitectureDomain

7.1.1 Schema Definition

The IfcArchitectureDomain schema defines basic object concepts used in the architectural domain that have not been generalized and pushed lower in the model (such as shared with other domains or application types).

NOTE  Most elements used in the architectural domain are shared with other domians and are consequentially declared in lower level schemas, such as IfcProductExtension, or IfcSharedBldgElements.

Specific architectural elements that are not already covered by other schemas are defined here:

These parameter definitions are used to enhance the specification of door and window elements, they are applied to IfcDoorType and IfcWindowType using the HasPropertySets relation.

HISTORY  New schema in IFC1.5
DEPRECATION  Use of IfcDoorStyle and IfcWindowStyle is deprecated. Use IfcDoorType and IfcWindowType instead.

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