7.3 IfcConstructionMgmtDomain

7.3.1 Schema Definition

The IfcConstructionMgmtDomain schema defines resource concepts in the construction management domain. Together with the IfcProcessExtension and IfcSharedMgmtElement schemas it provides a set of models that can be used to exchange information between construction management applications.

The IfcConstructionMgmtDomain schema extends resources and resource types as applicable to construction. The objective of the IfcConstructionMgmtDomain schema is to capture information that supports specific business processes and resource requirements that are wholly within the domain of interest of the Construction Manager. The aim is to provide support for information exchange and sharing within computer aided management applications.

The following are within the scope of this schema:

A resource is the use of any physical or virtual entity of limited availability. A resource may be fulfilled by tangible objects such as particular people or equipment, however a resource does not represent such objects, but a particular use of such objects such as labour. Construction resources extend the concept of resources to include the quantities, costs, schedule, and other impacts from use in construction processes.

Construction management activities may take place either on a complete product (the whole), on a part of the product or on a set of products acting as a single product entity (complex). The product composition structure enabling parts, whole, and complexes to be identified is achieved using aggregation or nesting subtype of the IfcRelDecomposes relationship class.

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