8.4 IfcCostResource

8.4.1 Schema Definition

The IfcCostResource schema provides the means to identify cost values.

A cost value specifies an amount or a value that has an effect on the amount that is applied to an object in the units of measure applicable to the value type. A cost value may have an applicable date that can be used to provide a basis on which fluctuations in price can be established or that otherwise identifies when the cost value was applied.

Each cost value may have a unit basis which determines how a total value should be determined for objects. This is relevant where values are identified per unit quantity of an item.

An individual cost value may be defined according to the values of a set of component values and may also be identified as a component of other values. This is achieved through the assertion of an applied value relationship which acts as a container for applied value components.

HISTORY  New schema in IFC2.0.

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