8.5 IfcDateTimeResource

8.5.1 Schema Definition

The IfcDateTimeResource schema defines several generic date and time specific concepts that can be used to identify context within calendars, schedules, and time series. These concepts include:

NOTE  The schema IfcDateTimeResource includes definitions that are based on ISO 8601
HISTORY  This schema has been significantly modified in IFC4. The original concepts of IfcDateTimeResource and IfcTimeSeriesResource were introduced in IFC2.0 and IFC2x2 and merged into the IfcDateTimeResource in IFC4.
IFC4 CHANGE  The new types IfcDate, IfcTime, IfcDateTime and IfcDuration cancel and replace the previous entities IfcCalendarDate, IfcDateAndTime, IfcLocalTime, and IfcCoordinatedUniversalTimeOffset.

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