7.5 IfcHvacDomain

7.5.1 Schema Definition

The IfcHvacDomain schema defines basic object concepts required for interoperability within the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) domain. It extends concepts defined in the IfcSharedBldgServiceElements schema.

The scope of the IfcHvacDomain schema is defined as:

  1. The segments, fittings and connections that constitute duct and piping distribution systems typically used for building services, such as for air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust-air systems; chilled water, steam and heating hot water, potable water, waste, natural gas and LPG systems, etc.
  2. Equipment typically used in building services systems, such as boilers, chillers, fans, and pumps and the vibration isolation associated with these components.
  3. Terminal and flow control devices, such as air vents and grilles, variable air volume modulators, valves, and dampers.

The following are deemed to be out of scope of the IfcHvacDomain schema at this time:

HISTORY  This schema has been significantly modified in IFC2x2.

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