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The objectified relationship IfcRelAssignsToControl handles the assignment of a control (represented by subtypes of IfcControl) to other objects (represented by subtypes of IfcObject, with the exception of controls).

EXAMPLE  The assignment of a performance history (as subtype of IfcControl) for a building service element (as subtype of IfcObject) is an application of this generic relationship.
HISTORY  New entity in IFC2.0.
IFC2x CHANGE Entity has been renamed from IfcRelControls.

XSD Specification:

 <xs:element name="IfcRelAssignsToControl" type="ifc:IfcRelAssignsToControl" substitutionGroup="ifc:IfcRelAssigns" nillable="true"/>
 <xs:complexType name="IfcRelAssignsToControl">
   <xs:extension base="ifc:IfcRelAssigns">
     <xs:element name="RelatingControl" type="ifc:IfcControl" nillable="true"/>

EXPRESS Specification:

ENTITY IfcRelAssignsToControl
SUBTYPE OF IfcRelAssigns;
RelatingControl : IfcControl;
NoSelfReference : SIZEOF(QUERY(Temp <* SELF\IfcRelAssigns.RelatedObjects | RelatingControl :=: Temp)) = 0;

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Attribute Definitions:

RelatingControl : Reference to the IfcControl that applies a control upon objects.

Formal Propositions:

NoSelfReference : The instance to with the relation points shall not be contained in the set of RelatedObjects.

Inheritance Graph:

ENTITY IfcRelAssignsToControl
GlobalId : IfcGloballyUniqueId;
OwnerHistory : OPTIONAL IfcOwnerHistory;
Name : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
Description : OPTIONAL IfcText;
ENTITY IfcRelationship
ENTITY IfcRelAssigns
RelatedObjects : SET [1:?] OF IfcObjectDefinition;
RelatedObjectsType : OPTIONAL IfcObjectTypeEnum;
ENTITY IfcRelAssignsToControl
RelatingControl : IfcControl;

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