Hinzufügen / Addition von Teil zu Element - Relation

The IfcRelProjectsElement is an objectified relationship between an element and one projection element that creates a modifier to the shape of the element. The relationship is defined to be a 1:1 relationship, if an element has more than one projection, several relationship objects have to be used, each pointing to a different projection element. The IfcRelProjectsElement establishes an aggregation relationship between the main element and a sub ordinary addition feature.

NOTE  In contrary the IfcRelAggregates relationship established an aggregation of equal parts to a whole.

The IfcRelProjectsElement implies a Boolean operation of addition for the geometric bodies of the element and the feature element. As with all decomposition relationships it determines:

HISTORY  New entity in IFC2x2.
IFC4 CHANGE  Supertype changed to IfcRelDecomposes.

XSD Specification:

 <xs:element name="IfcRelProjectsElement" type="ifc:IfcRelProjectsElement" substitutionGroup="ifc:IfcRelDecomposes" nillable="true"/>
 <xs:complexType name="IfcRelProjectsElement">
   <xs:extension base="ifc:IfcRelDecomposes">
     <xs:element name="RelatingElement" type="ifc:IfcElement" nillable="true"/>
     <xs:element name="RelatedFeatureElement" type="ifc:IfcFeatureElementAddition" nillable="true"/>

EXPRESS Specification:

ENTITY IfcRelProjectsElement
SUBTYPE OF IfcRelDecomposes;
RelatingElement : IfcElement;
RelatedFeatureElement : IfcFeatureElementAddition;

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Attribute Definitions:

RelatingElement : Element at which a projection is created by the associated IfcProjectionElement.
RelatedFeatureElement : Reference to the IfcFeatureElementAddition that defines an addition to the volume of the element, by using a Boolean addition operation. An example is a projection at the associated element.

Inheritance Graph:

ENTITY IfcRelProjectsElement
GlobalId : IfcGloballyUniqueId;
OwnerHistory : OPTIONAL IfcOwnerHistory;
Name : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
Description : OPTIONAL IfcText;
ENTITY IfcRelationship
ENTITY IfcRelDecomposes
ENTITY IfcRelProjectsElement
RelatingElement : IfcElement;
RelatedFeatureElement : IfcFeatureElementAddition;

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