Élément virtuel
Virtuelles Element

A virtual element is a special element used to provide imaginary boundaries, such as between two adjacent, but not separated, spaces. Virtual elements are usually not displayed and does not have quantities and other measures. Therefore IfcVirtualElement does not have material information and quantities attached.

NOTE  The main purpose of IfcVirtualElement is the provision of a virtual space boundary. The IfcVirtualElement may provide the 2D curve or 3D surface representation of the virtual space connection and is referenced by two instances of IfcRelSpaceBoundary, each pointing to one of the two adjacent IfcSpaces.
HISTORY  New entity in IFC2x2 Addendum.
IFC2x2 CHANGE  The entity IfcVirtualElement has been added. Upward compatibility for file based exchange is guaranteed.

Space Boundary Use Definition

The IfcVirtualElement is mainly used to define a virtual boundary between two spaces. Figure 154 describes how to use IfcRelSpaceBoundary in conjunction with IfcVirtualElement to define space boundaries.

space boundary

Figure 154 — Virtual element space boundaries

Common Use Definitions

The following concepts are inherited at supertypes:

 Instance diagram

FootPrint Geometry

The FootPrint Geometry concept applies to this entity as shown in Table 77.
FootPrintGeometricCurveSet Any collection of points and curves representing the floor plan projection.
FootPrintAnnotation2D Any collection of points and curves, and additional hatching and text representing the floor plan projection.

Table 77 — IfcVirtualElement FootPrint Geometry

Surface Geometry

The Surface Geometry concept applies to this entity.

The 3D geometric representation of IfcVirtualElement is d efined using a surface geometry. The following constraints apply to the 3D surface representation:

XSD Specification:

 <xs:element name="IfcVirtualElement" type="ifc:IfcVirtualElement" substitutionGroup="ifc:IfcElement" nillable="true"/>
 <xs:complexType name="IfcVirtualElement">
   <xs:extension base="ifc:IfcElement"/>

EXPRESS Specification:

ENTITY IfcVirtualElement
SUBTYPE OF IfcElement;

Link to EXPRESS-G diagram EXPRESS-G diagram

Inheritance Graph:

ENTITY IfcVirtualElement
GlobalId : IfcGloballyUniqueId;
OwnerHistory : OPTIONAL IfcOwnerHistory;
Name : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
Description : OPTIONAL IfcText;
ENTITY IfcObjectDefinition
HasAssignments : SET OF IfcRelAssigns FOR RelatedObjects;
Nests : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelNests FOR RelatedObjects;
IsNestedBy : SET OF IfcRelNests FOR RelatingObject;
HasContext : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDeclares FOR RelatedDefinitions;
IsDecomposedBy : SET OF IfcRelAggregates FOR RelatingObject;
Decomposes : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelAggregates FOR RelatedObjects;
HasAssociations : SET OF IfcRelAssociates FOR RelatedObjects;
ENTITY IfcObject
ObjectType : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
IsDeclaredBy : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDefinesByObject FOR RelatedObjects;
Declares : SET OF IfcRelDefinesByObject FOR RelatingObject;
IsTypedBy : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDefinesByType FOR RelatedObjects;
IsDefinedBy : SET OF IfcRelDefinesByProperties FOR RelatedObjects;
ENTITY IfcProduct
ObjectPlacement : OPTIONAL IfcObjectPlacement;
Representation : OPTIONAL IfcProductRepresentation;
ReferencedBy : SET OF IfcRelAssignsToProduct FOR RelatingProduct;
ENTITY IfcElement
Tag : OPTIONAL IfcIdentifier;
FillsVoids : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelFillsElement FOR RelatedBuildingElement;
ConnectedTo : SET OF IfcRelConnectsElements FOR RelatingElement;
IsInterferedByElements : SET OF IfcRelInterferesElements FOR RelatedElement;
InterferesElements : SET OF IfcRelInterferesElements FOR RelatingElement;
HasProjections : SET OF IfcRelProjectsElement FOR RelatingElement;
ReferencedInStructures : SET OF IfcRelReferencedInSpatialStructure FOR RelatedElements;
HasOpenings : SET OF IfcRelVoidsElement FOR RelatingBuildingElement;
IsConnectionRealization : SET OF IfcRelConnectsWithRealizingElements FOR RealizingElements;
ProvidesBoundaries : SET OF IfcRelSpaceBoundary FOR RelatedBuildingElement;
ConnectedFrom : SET OF IfcRelConnectsElements FOR RelatedElement;
ContainedInStructure : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelContainedInSpatialStructure FOR RelatedElements;
ENTITY IfcVirtualElement

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