An IfcCostSchedule brings together instances of IfcCostItem either for the purpose of identifying purely cost information as in an estimate for constructions costs or for including cost information within another presentation form such as a work order.

HISTORY  New entity in IFC2.0.
IFC4 CHANGE  Attribute ID renamed to Identification and promoted to supertype IfcControl, PredefinedType made optional, attributes PreparedBy, SubmittedBy, TargetUsers removed.

Common Use Definitions

The following concepts are inherited at supertypes:

 Instance diagram

Object Approval

The Object Approval concept applies to this entity.

Approvals may be associated to indicate the status of acceptance or rejection using the IfcRelAssociatesApproval relationship where RelatingApproval refers to an IfcApproval and RelatedObjects contains the IfcCostSchedule. Approvals may be split into sub-approvals using IfcApprovalRelationship to track approval status separately for each party where RelatingApproval refers to the higher-level approval and RelatedApprovals contains one or more lower-level approvals. The hierarchy of approvals implies sequencing such that a higher-level approval is not executed until all of its lower-level approvals have been accepted.

Control Assignment

The Control Assignment concept applies to this entity.

The IfcCostSchedule may be assigned to the following entities using relationships as indicated:

The IfcCostSchedule may have assignments of its own using the IfcRelAssignsToControl relationship where RelatingControl refers to the IfcCostSchedule and RelatedObjects contains one or more objects of the following types:

XSD Specification:

 <xs:element name="IfcCostSchedule" type="ifc:IfcCostSchedule" substitutionGroup="ifc:IfcControl" nillable="true"/>
 <xs:complexType name="IfcCostSchedule">
   <xs:extension base="ifc:IfcControl">
    <xs:attribute name="PredefinedType" type="ifc:IfcCostScheduleTypeEnum" use="optional"/>
    <xs:attribute name="Status" type="ifc:IfcLabel" use="optional"/>
    <xs:attribute name="SubmittedOn" type="ifc:IfcDateTime" use="optional"/>
    <xs:attribute name="UpdateDate" type="ifc:IfcDateTime" use="optional"/>

EXPRESS Specification:

ENTITY IfcCostSchedule
SUBTYPE OF IfcControl;
PredefinedType : OPTIONAL IfcCostScheduleTypeEnum;
Status : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
SubmittedOn : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;
UpdateDate : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;

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Attribute Definitions:

PredefinedType : Predefined generic type for a cost schedule that is specified in an enumeration. There may be a property set given specifically for the predefined types.
IFC4 CHANGE The attribute has been made optional.
Status : The current status of a cost schedule. Examples of status values that might be used for a cost schedule status include:
SubmittedOn : The date and time on which the cost schedule was submitted.
IFC4 CHANGE Type changed from IfcDateTimeSelect.
UpdateDate : The date and time that this cost schedule is updated; this allows tracking the schedule history.
IFC4 CHANGE Type changed from IfcDateTimeSelect.

Inheritance Graph:

ENTITY IfcCostSchedule
GlobalId : IfcGloballyUniqueId;
OwnerHistory : OPTIONAL IfcOwnerHistory;
Name : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
Description : OPTIONAL IfcText;
ENTITY IfcObjectDefinition
HasAssignments : SET OF IfcRelAssigns FOR RelatedObjects;
Nests : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelNests FOR RelatedObjects;
IsNestedBy : SET OF IfcRelNests FOR RelatingObject;
HasContext : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDeclares FOR RelatedDefinitions;
IsDecomposedBy : SET OF IfcRelAggregates FOR RelatingObject;
Decomposes : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelAggregates FOR RelatedObjects;
HasAssociations : SET OF IfcRelAssociates FOR RelatedObjects;
ENTITY IfcObject
ObjectType : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
IsDeclaredBy : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDefinesByObject FOR RelatedObjects;
Declares : SET OF IfcRelDefinesByObject FOR RelatingObject;
IsTypedBy : SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDefinesByType FOR RelatedObjects;
IsDefinedBy : SET OF IfcRelDefinesByProperties FOR RelatedObjects;
ENTITY IfcControl
Identification : OPTIONAL IfcIdentifier;
Controls : SET OF IfcRelAssignsToControl FOR RelatingControl;
ENTITY IfcCostSchedule
PredefinedType : OPTIONAL IfcCostScheduleTypeEnum;
Status : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
SubmittedOn : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;
UpdateDate : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;

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