Material Profile Set

Material profile sets are associated with products or product types where materials are placed in cross-sections of specified dimensions following a path defined at occurrences of the type. Examples of such products are beams, columns, members, reinforcing, footings, piles, pipe segments, duct segments, and cable segments.

EXAMPLE  Material profile sets can be provided at the IfcColumnType, defining the common material information for all occurrences of the same column type. It is then accessible by the inverse IsTypedBy relationship at IfcColumn pointing to IfcColumnType having the HasAssociations inverse relationship to IfcRelAssociatesMaterial with RelatingMaterial refering to the IfcMaterialProfileSet>. If an individual material association is provide at the IfcColumn and the IfcColumnType, then the material directly assigned to IfcColumn overrides the material assigned to IfcColumnType.

Figure 22 illustrates an instance diagram.

Material Profile SetIfcObjectDefinitionIfcRelAssociatesMaterialIfcMaterialProfileSetIfcMaterialProfileIfcMaterialIfcMaterialPropertiesIfcPropertyIfcMaterialDefinitionRepresentationIfcStyledRepresentationIfcStyledItemIfcProfileDefIfcProfilePropertiesIfcProperty

Figure 22 — Material Profile Set

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