Spatial Composition

Provision of a spatial structure of the project by aggregating spatial elements. The spatial structure is a hierarchical tree of spatial elements ultimately assigned to the project. Composition refers to the relationship to a higher level element (e.g. this storey is part of a building).

The order of spatial structure elements being included in the concept for builing projects are from high to low level: IfcProject, IfcSite, IfcBuilding, IfcBuildingStorey, IfcSpace. Therefore an spatial structure element can only be part of an element at the same or higher level.

In addition a more general hierarchical tree of spatial elements can be created by using IfcSpatialZone.

Figure 63 illustrates an instance diagram.

Spatial CompositionIfcSpatialElementIfcRelAggregatesIfcSpatialElementIfcContext

Figure 63 — Spatial Composition

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