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structural summary


The buildingSMART International Implementation Support Group ISG has initiated a subgroup to concentrate on supporting the following exchange scenarios within the structural engineering domain (inside and with other disciplines):

  • structural modeling
  • structural detailing
  • handover to manufacturing
  • structural analysis and design
  • connection check/ design

Main topics to be discussed to support the exchange scenarios:

  • IFC model content to fulfill and support multi-domain workflow
  • IFC model content to fulfill the level of details for structural detailing and the handover to manufacturing
  • Structural analysis view fulfills the need for structural analysis side-track workflow and connection check and design workflow


The big picture of the structural related work flows:

The Big Picture





The Structural sub-group is part of the Implementer Support Group (ISG) of the international buildingSMART organization. While the  IFCs get more wider usage, it is necessary that also the workflow issues in a multi-domain projects are taken into account from all the domain's point of view. Many structural software vendors have already a certified or distributed software version of the IFC support, or have started or will soon start to develop the support. Therefore it is a good moment to start to think how we - the representatives of different structural software vendors - could work together to minimize the effort and maximize the benefits for our end-users. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) has an effect to the whole industry. Interoperability is the key, but also the collaborative process on top of the interoperability layer is necessary.

Many things related to IFCs are simultaneously happening in different parts of the globe. To keep us informed about all of them, it is important to have a forum where this information can be shared. The Structural sub-group could form such a forum for all with particular interest in structural engineering related workflows!



Feel free to send your ideas and feedback to:
Chair of the Structural sub-group: lassi.liflander (at)

Please see the events calendar for future teleconferences and meetings.