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The Big Picture


The Big Picture


Definition of the models:

Architectural model
The architectural model for design coordination defines the spaces and the visual outlook of the building including the surfaces and used materials. This is the requirement model for the downstream process.

MEP model(s)
This type of models define the needed systems for heating and cooling, for ventilation and air conditioning, for cold and warm water supply and pluming, for the sprinkler, for electricity etc. All the systems include all the needed devices and piping for that system.

Structural system model
This model defines the engineering level model of the structure. From the different structural system alternatives the final one will be chosen and the overall stability will be checked. Member sizes will be defined and typical conceptual connection will be chosen.

Plant design model(s)
Plant design models define the process and it’s physical representation. The 3D -representation contains all equipment, piping, structures, duct work, raceways etc.

Site model(s)
These models may include the model of the terrain and the surface of the bedrock or other auxiliary models of the infrastructure on the site and nearby.

Structural analysis model
The structural analysis model defines the topology of the structural system and divides it to nodes and members between the nodes. Member boundary conditions, loads and load combinations are needed to calculate the end reactions and the internal forces of the structure.

Structural design model
The design model is used to re-size or reinforce the members so that they all will carry the loads with required safety margin according to the used design code.

Detailing model(s)
The detailing model includes all the details needed to manufacture and erect the pieces. The structure is design in a way that the constraints of the manufacturing and erection are taken into account.

Manufacturing model(s)
The manufacturing model is the portion of the detailing model which will be manufactured in this factory or workshop.