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Discussion items for upcoming teleconferences/ meetings

Teleconference May 10, 2010 >>>

Results of the web inquiry

A web-based inquiry was used to get information about the status of implementations, readiness of certification and the possibility to have joint meetings with the ISG meetings. The review of the results reveals the implementation status and gives us as a group a common understanding where we stand. >>>


Cimsteel (CIS/2) and IFC gap analysis

IFC works fine for horizontal integration i.e. for design coordination between different domains. Also multiple materials are supported. CIS/2 works only for vertical integration to the downstream to detailing and  to fabrication of steel members. It is a steel specific format. To be able to use the IFCs also for the vertical integration, it is needed to get it into the same level as CIS/2 is today. >>>


For the next teleconferences and meetings

IFC for Precast BIM

There is a project in U.S. to extend the Industry Foundation Classes to support better the precast industry. Some of that work has been included to the coming IFC2x4 version. More of this can be found from the "Precast BIM Standard Project" web pages.


IFC and Plant Design

The structures play an important role also in plant design. The data transfer standards in plant design are ISO-15926 and XMpLant. Obviously there is a need to harmonize these with IFCs. Possibility to adopt the structural part of IFC specification into the plant design standards is under investigation. More of this can be found from FIATECH web pages.


Coordination view as the input of the Structural Analysis

Some data for the structural analysis can be extracted from the IFC coordination view model. The usage of some newly added presentations could enhance this work flow. Also the possibility to use Structural analysis view as an add-on view to the coordination view should be investigated.


IFC 2x3 (Re-)Certification

New IFC 2x3 certification is starting later this year (2010). The certification process offers a test bench to guarantee the high quality of IFC implementations that the customers are expecting. This more precise and more automated process is highly recommended to all who's IFC implementation is starting to be ready for release or is even more matured.