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Register to issue database

It is easy and free to register to the issue database of buildingSMART. Registration enables you to register issues concerning the IFC specification and other buildingSMART standard and specification developments and to participate in the public reviewing process.

Privacy notice:

We may use the registration information to provide you with notices of new information that may be of use or interest to users. This may include announcement of updates on buildingSMART specifications, accompanying documentations, tutorials, or general website update notices. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for this site before you register.

The basic issue database projects are accessible to all registered users. Other more dedicated projects require buildingSMART membership. The "IFC4 issue database" is open for reading existing issues without registration, but registration is required for adding issues or for commenting existing issues.


How to register to the issue database

Step 1 : Register - go to

register jira step1

Step 2 : Fill in the minimum information required, a valid email address is essential

register jira step2

Step 3 : Registration is completed

you can now log in, see "use issue database", and

  • browse existing issues
  • comment on existing issues
  • create your issue