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Use issue database

First make sure that you are registered for using the issue database, see "register".

Note: The issue database is used to report issues and to track their resolution in case of issues with a small well-defined scope. The instrument to develop larger new features for the IFC data model are IFC Extension Projects.


Step 1: Select the right project.

Currently three projects are set-up for general usage:

  • buildingSMART Web Sites (open to all) - for issues related to any of the international buildingSMART web sites
  • IFC Review (open to all) - for any issues, comments and reviews of the IFC specification
  • IFC Implementation (open to buildingSMART members) - for any issues, comments, and bugs concerning the IFC implementation in software applications


use jira 1



Step 2 : Select the "IFC Review" project and create an issue

use jira 2