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The HelloWall is a small application build to export valid ifc files, following the already agreed view definition "Coordination View" and a proposed view definition "Presentation View". The latest version includes the export of property sets (as part of the "Coordination View" and "Presentation View"), and the export of base quantities as part of the proposed "Quantity Take-off Addon View". The export can be configured by a range of shape parameters and options. The source code is provided so that developers can follow the algorithms used.

The sample application has been developed by Peter Bonsma, TNO Bouw en Onderground with help by Thomas Liebich and Nick Nisbet, AEC3 and has been dedicated to the MSG development work. Future updates may be made available directly at the TNO BOUW website, focusing on IFC development,


  • Example 1 - export of the basic IFC structure with a wall, a wall opening and an included window, and export of property sets and base quantities
    • see the page for an in-depths explanation of the IFC elements used
    • see the page for download of the source, written and made available for C++