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agreement on how to use IfcPort / IfcDistributionPort within the IFC2x3 extended coordination view
based on
IFC2x3 coordination view 2.0
December 2012
official buildingSMART certification 2.0 program
summary agreement for definition of opening geometry



Focus was set on the usage of position and orientation of the local placement.

All definitions are taken from the IFC4 documentation:

IfcPort / IfcDistributionPort within CV2.0


The location of the port is determined in the context of the local coordinate system of the element to which it belongs."

"The PlacementRelTo relationship of IfcLocalPlacementshall point to the local placement of the masterIfcElementorIfcElementType(relevant subtypes), which is related to the IfcPort by the relationship objectIfcRelNestsfor fixed ports, orIfcRelConnectsPortToElementfor dynamic ports."

Axis orientation of local placement:

  • IfcPort:
    The axis points in the direction of the physical connection from the product.
  • IfcDistributionPort:
    The axis direction has to be used together with the attribute FlowDirection:
    "The Axis points in the direction of the physical connection away from the product if FlowDirection equals SOURCE (or SOURCEANDSINK or NOTDEFINED), or points opposite direction (to the product) if the FlowDirection equals SINK."
    "The RefDirectio points in the direction of the local X axis of the material profile, where the local Y axis points up if looking towards the Axis where the local X axis points right."