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IFC Impl Agreements Summary

Summary and short overview of the implementer agreements for the IFC2x3 coordination view.

24. Feb 2006 - ISG meeting in Berlin

  • #CV-2x3-100 correct usage of IfcMaterialLayerSetUsage for IfcSlab [modified 15-12-2006]
  • #CV-2x3-101 requested support of IfcEllipse for profile definitions
  • #CV-2x3-102 no support of b-splines within current IFC implementations
  • #CV-2x3-103 independent profile geometry for doors and windows [modified 04-11-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-104 number of doors and windows within one opening is restricted to max 1
  • #CV-2x3-105 export of bounding box is no longer mandatory
  • #CV-2x3-106 agreed use of geometric representation context and sub context [modified 05-05-2006 and 06-07-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-107 handling of complex opening shapes (reveals, vertical extrusions) [modified [05-05-2006]
  • #CV-2x3-108 revoke previous agreement on extending the opening thickness
  • #CV-2x3-109 revoke the agreement to provide Pset_Draughting
  • #CV-2x3-110 revoke the agreement on not allowing vertical clipping planes [modified 06-07-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-111 no duplicated points within a polyloop or polyline
  • #CV-2x3-112 support for CSG geometry is required on import [modified 06-07-2011, 06-02-2012]
  • #CV-2x3-113 support for annotation pattern for hatching is restricted to model hatches [modified 05-05-2006]
  • #CV-2x3-114 material presentation information for parametric doors and windows not supported
  • #CV-2x3-115 matching imported styles (curve fonts, hatching patterns, text fonts, RGB colours) to system internal styles

07. Mar 2006 - ISG Teleconference

  • #CV-2x3-116 no use of subtypes of IfcStyledItem for assigning presentation information


13. Apr 2006 - ISG Groove space

  • #CV-2x3-117 use of the same parameterization for profiles in IFC2x2 and IFC2x3 based on center of bounding


21. Apr 2006 - ISG 2x3 Certification Groove space

  • #CV-2x3-118 agreement to use PatternStart and PointOfReferenceHatchLine in IfcFillAreaStyleHatching


05. May 2006 - ISG Meeting in Munich

  • #CV-2x3-119 geometry for decomposed elements shall either be given at the container or at the part level  [modified 20-05-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-120 material information for decomposed elements shall only be given at the element part level [modified 06-07-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-121 decomposed elements shall have a maximum of 1 level decomposition depth [withdrawn 07-10-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-122 extrusion thickness of opening elements should be within reasonable boundaries
  • #CV-2x3-123 opening elements shall be within the wall face or slab profile (not misused as arbitrary cuttings)  [modified 26-02-2008]
  • #CV-2x3-124 non vertical walls shall not be exchanged as instances of IfcWallStandardCase
  • #CV-2x3-125 agreements on the limited subset of hatching style entities and attributes to be supported
  • #CV-2x3-126 agreements on the limited subset of text style entities and attributes to be supported
  • #CV-2x3-127 agreements on the limited subset of surface style entities and attributes to be supported


24. Nov 2006 - ISG Meeting in Dijon

  • #CV-2x3-128 agreement on how to use material layer set and usage for wall types
  • #CV-2x3-129 agreement on how to use CAD layer assignment and the support of layer with style information
  • #CV-2x3-130 agreement on how to use and override curve style information
  • #CV-2x3-131 agreement on how to use and override surface style information
  • #CV-2x3-132 agreement on import of special characters in significant names (like layer, material, or property name)
  • #CV-2x3-133 Restrict the insertion point of doors and windows in regard to the opening


13. Mar 2007 - ISG Meeting in Waltham

  • #CV-2x3-134 for a complex wall the opening has to be associated with the aggregate (the IfcWall) and not with the parts (the IfcBuildingElementPart's)
  • #CV-2x3-135 assignment of surface color to surface models (dealing with the backface issue)
  • #CV-2x3-136 agreement on exporting the construction type
  • #CV-2x3-137 agreement on the export of profile names for section profiles in addition to geometric parameters


23. May 2007 - ISG Meeting in Helsinki

  • #CV-2x3-138 agreement on providing a presentation layer for doors and windows based on parametric description
  • #CV-2x3-139 agreement on an add-on to the coordination view to include base quantities
  • #CV-2x3-140 agreement on an add-on to the coordination view to include space boundaries
  • #CV-2x3-141 agreement on having maximum of one instance of IfcSite
  • #CV-2x3-142 agreement on having at least one instance of IfcBuilding as part of the spatial structure
  • #CV-2x3-143 agreement on having the containment tree and the relative placement tree identical for spatial elements


27. Feb 2008 - ISG Meeting in Prague

  • #CV-2x3-144 agreement on roofs being aggregates and shall have at least one contained element and no own geometry [withdrawn 06-02-2012]
  • #CV-2x3-145 agreement on clipping of round walls to require compatible geometry for wall body and restricted clipping planes
  • #CV-2x3-146 agreement on consistent export of shells by having each vertex defined only once and shared by edges
  • #CV-2x3-147 agreement on single and double-sided faces in surface models to be determined by IfcSurfaceStyle
  • #CV-2x3-148 agreement on exporting geographic data if available, including latitude, longitude, elevation, address and true north [modified 13-07-2011]
  • #CV-2x3-149 agreement to add support for certain types of IfcCovering to be added to the coordination view

24. June 2008 - ISG Meeting in Amsterdam

  • #CV-2x3-150 agreement on how to split an opening between two walls (e.g. in a staircase)
  • #CV-2x3-151 agreement on how to differentiate space boundaries between first level and second level
  • #CV-2x3-152 agreement that all spaces shall have a body shape representation
  • #CV-2x3-153 agreement that virtual elements should/could be ignored on import
  • #CV-2x3-154 agreement on the compression mechanism for ifcZIP  [modified 23-10-2008]
  • #CV-2x3-155 agreement on implementation of first level space boundaries
  • #CV-2x3-156 agreement on exporting CAD presentation layer for multi-layer walls - [modified 20-03-2011]

23. October 2008 - ISG Meeting in Munich

  • #CV-2x3-157 agreement on a particular type of building element proxy to exchange provisions for voids

Jan - Sept 2010 - official buildingSMART certification 2.0 program

  • #CV-2x3-158 agreement that element parts in element containers shall not be individually contained within the spatial structure - [modified 27-02-2013].
  • #CV-2x3-159 agreement that openings that are subtracted from elements shall not be individually contained within the spatial structure.
  • #CV-2x3-160 agreement that element parts in element containers shall be positioned relative to the container.
  • #CV-2x3-161 agreement on applicable geometric items to be used for axis representation.
  • #CV-2x3-162 agreement on the valid value range for the angle in revolved area solids.
  • #CV-2x3-163 agreement on the minimum set of default units to be defined within the project context.
  • #CV-2x3-164 agreement on the correct use of shape representation types for elements and its features (openings, projections)

23. September 2010 - ISG Meeting in Amsterdam

  • #CV-2x3-165 agreement on how to export the profile name
  • #CV-2x3-166 agreement to not use the deprecated IfcElectricHeaterType for electrical space heaters [addition 10-04-2013 on always using IfcFlowTerminal as occurrence]

Oct 2010 - Jul 2011 - official buildingSMART certification 2.0 program

  • #CV-2x3-167 agreement to assign style to all body shape representations
  • #CV-2x3-168 agreement to use standard shape representation type names "Axis", "FootPrint" also for IfcStairFlight and IfcRampFlight
  • #CV-2x3-169 agreement to restrict which independent elements can be contained in a building spatial structure

24. October 2011 - ISG Meeting in Budapest

  • #CV-2x3-170 requirement to provide a fall-back configuration to export b-rep instead of CSG shape representations
  • #CV-2x3-171 no shape representation identifier shall be used twice within the product representation of an element
  • #CV-2x3-172 enable multiple mapped items as a shape representation of regular patterns
  • #CV-2x3-173 aggregates shall have more than one part

Nov 2011 - Jul 2013 - official buildingSMART certification 2.0 program

  • #CV-2x3-174 restrictions on the 'Axis' shape representation for IfcWallStandardCase
  • #CV-2x3-175 agreement that all doors and windows shall have a body shape representation
  • #CV-2x3-176 agreement on how to use IfcPort / IfcDistributionPort within the IFC2x3 extended coordination view
  • #CV-2x3-177 agreement for definition of opening geometry either as IfcOpeningElement or as part of a CSG tree.
  • #CV-2x3-178 agreement on using IfcRelConnectsElements for assigning IfcDoor / IfcWindow to building elements without IfcOpeningElement's.
  • #CV-2x3-179 (Unassigned number)

Sep 2013 - ISG Meeting in Prague

  • #CV-2x3-180 agreement on Color Priority in the Coordination View
  • #CV-2x3-181 agreement on use of ParameterTakesPrecedence for doors and windows
  • #CV-2x3-182 agreement to clarify the export of a Building Storey and its local placement
  • #CV-2x3-183 agreement to disallow duplication of Property Set Names within a single object or object type