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IFC Alignment

The first buildingSMART IFC for Infrastructure extension project is the P6 "IFC Alignment" project. It will act as a baseline for further projects, such as IFC-Bridge and IFC-Road, and provides the data model for 3D and 2D alignment information for spatial location of infrastructure assets.

development goalsofficial documentation

Main achievements of the IFC Alignment 1.0 are:

  • Ability to exchange alignment information from planning to design, to construction, and finally to asset management phase
  • Ability to link alignment information to other project information such as cross sections and full 3D geometry of construction elements (realized by upcoming IFC-Bridge and IFC-Road projects)
  • Ability to query alignment information providing data such as linear referencing for positioning
  • Ability to allow open data access of alignment information from asset management databases
  • Ability to map IFC alignment models to InfraGML (developed by OGC), and LandXML (latest InfraBIM version from buildingSMART Finland)


main structurecooperation

The main parts of the alignment schema are the horizontal, vertical, and 3D alignment definitions:

alignment structure 

Internal: There is a strong collaboration within the buildingSMART Infrastructure Room and upcoming projects on IFC-Bridge and IFC-Road to use the alignment schema for upcoming infrastructure standards.

External: The work on the IFC Alignment Extension has been carried out by the P6 project team in strong collaboration with OGC LandInfra Group. The use cases and the conceptual model are results of the joint work.

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