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News and Meeting Resolutions

While the long term roadmap for buildingSMART infrastructure projects is aiming at extending the IFC schema specifications for comprehensive support to built environment information exchange and management, it also aims at providing an intermediate (“fast track”) solution for open exchange by supporting the implementation and use of the existing LandXML v1.2 schema. From buildingSMART point of view, the LandXML schema can support several business cases in civil and infrastructure design and construction and therefore can provide practical short term solution, if its use is well-defined by Model View Definitions (MVDs). For this purpose, the buildingSMART MVD for LandXML v1.2 –project is delivering the basic MVD supporting use cases in final design and construction stages, specifically: Initial state model for final design, Final road and rail design, Design to construction planning and execution. The LandXML MVD draft documentation is available for review and commenting at

UP-coming events - bSI Summit Meeting in Canada: Oct. 27-29, 2014

Meeting Resolutions on Oct. 2013 in Munich, Germany

Meeting Resolutions on March 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden