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IFC4 Release Summary



IFC4 Release

Official landing page to publish the current IFC4 release. It contains the downloads of the IFC4 specification and the EXPRESS and XSD schema. Additional links to IFC4 related resources will be published here as well.

NOTE: This release has been superseeded by the IFC4 Addendum 1 release.


IFC4 specification downloads
> download EXPRESS file < > online IFC EXPRESS schema location <
> download XSD file < > online ifcXML schema location <
> download HTML documentation < > online access to HTML documentation <


Lastest updates

A minor update for IFC4 has been published taking into account the experiences and feedback from the pilot implementations and the first Model View definitions. Since 10.07.2015 the IFC4 Addendum 1 is a buildingSMART Final Standard and superseeds the IFC4 Final release.

We recommend to you to subscribe to the ifc4 mailing list that is hosted »here« (use this link to subscribe and maintain your account), after subscription, you will receive an automatic notification with the mailing address and you will receive further announcements and information.


What is new in IFC4 ?

The following presentation, held at the official release date, shows the major highlights of IFC4.

IFC4 at a glance

  • enhances the capability of the IFC specification in its main architectural, building service and structural elements with new geometric, parametric and other features
  • enables numerous new BIM workflows – including 4D and 5D model exchanges, product libraries, BIM to GIS interoperability, enhanced thermal simulations and sustainability assessments
  • improves readability and ease of access to the documentation with numerous implementation concepts and fully linked examples
  • contains ifcXML4 schema, fully integrated into the IFC specification in addition to the EXPRESS schema
  • is fully integrated with new mvdXML technology and allows easy definition of data validation services for IFC4 data submissions
  • corrects technical problems found since the release of the IFC2x3
  • enables the extension of IFC to infrastructure and other parts of the built environment


Why implement IFC4 ?

  • Keep your customers happy by improving your IFC support
  • Take advantage of the technical improvements and consistency of IFC4
  • Remember, it is now possible to formally support model view definitions and validate them
  • Base your development of a fully documented IFC4 Model View Definition MVD thanks to mvdXML formal specification
  • Benefit from IFC the easy way with Simple ifcXML
  • Use multi-lingual property definitions linked to the buildingSMART data dictionary to customize your products
  • Broaden your IFC support with the new IFC4 objects and workflows – it will help you to attract new customers
  • Reach a wider market with IFC4 – as a full ISO standard, it will become a pre-condition for tenders in some markets


IFC4 development resources and documents

Links to upcoming development resources and other implementation documentation will be gradually published here. In the meantime, please check the publication of the intermediate pre releases of IFC4 for additional information and examples.