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File header

          - Guideline for correct IFC file header in compliance to CV V2.0
        - Including guidelines for compliant add-on views and exchange requirements




An IFC file, written against the Coordination View Version 2.0, shall comply to the following guidelines for the IFC header section. General information about the IFC header section is provided by the IFC file header implementation guide. The following keywords as part of the FILE_DESCRIPTION field should be supported:

  • ViewDefinition, mandatory - indication of the main model view definitions as "CoordinationView_V2.0", no other main model view definition shall be indicated;
      • optionally, adding add-on views to the list of model view definitions, currently applicable are: 
        • QuantityTakeOffAddOnView
        • SpaceBoundary1stLevelAddOnView
        • SpaceBoundary2ndLevelAddOnView
        • FMHandOverAddOnView
  • ExchangeRequirement - optional, adding the exchange requirement against which the content of the IFC2x3 Coordination View Version 2.0 file complies:
    NOTE The list of included exchange requirements may include one, several, or all values from this list. If no ExchangeRequirement is provided, all is assumed, i.e. that the IFC dataset contains support for all three exchange requirements.
    • Architecture
    • BuildingService
    • Structural
  • Option - optional, indication of application specific export options
  • Comment - optional, any additional remark



* NOTE - the option "StringEncoding" has been removed from the allowed keyword", see the string encoding+decoding help page for instructions on how to export extended alphabet, other code pages and two-byte characters.


IFC export file according to FC2x3 Coordination View Version 2.0

FILE_DESCRIPTION( ('ViewDefinition [CoordinationView_V2.0]'),'2;1');

IFC export file according to FC2x3 Coordination View Version 2.0 with additional 1st level space boundaries (for energy analysis) and including architectural model for coordination

FILE_DESCRIPTION( ('ViewDefinition [CoordinationView_V2.0, SpaceBoundary1stLevelAddOnView]', 'ExchangeRequirement[Architecture]'),'2;1');

IFC export file according to FC2x3 Coordination View Version 2.0 with additional  base quantities and including structural model for coordination.

FILE_DESCRIPTION( ('ViewDefinition [CoordinationView_V2.0, QuantityTakeOffAddOnView]', 'ExchangeRequirement[Structural]'),'2;1');