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FM Aquarium Reference Files

The FM HandOver Aquarium is set up to test the data handover between the design and construction CAD/BIM tools and the CAFM/CMMS applications. For testing the exchange and the correct implementation within the participating software systems a series of test models are prepared and made available (first to the participants, then also to all following the aquarium process).

The first test model is the aquarium reference file. The reference file is characterized as:

  • a reference for data to be handed over between a CAD/BIM design application and a CAFM/CMMS application. The COBIE2 xml spreadsheet format, and the BIM service tool to convert IFC into COBIE2 is seen as one receiving application within this scenario.
  • a reference for each data exchange requirement as defined in the exchange requirement table and the model view definition for the FM HandOver.
  • a reference for the correct export file structure according the the FM HandOver view definition

The first reference file is a simple house with a spatial structure, rooms, zones, furniture, technical systems and technical components, including the needed quantities, manufacturer information and other essential properties. The reference file contains most of the requirements from the exchange requirements and model view definitions. It is provided as:

The reference file has a graphical representation (see figure below - click for full size). However only the spatial structure with the included FFE and MEP elements are mandatory for the Basis FM HandOver view.

Reference file in IFC Viewer