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FM Handover Quality Criteria

The main goal of the FM Handover Aquarium project is to prove that the use of open standards is an enabler for the intended process integration. This proof requires two parts a Certification and a Challenge.

  • The Certification ensures compliance with the international standard, namely that portion of the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) model needed to support Facility Management, this portion has been identified as the buildingSMART International “Basic FM Handover View”. The requirements for information exchanges needed for the FM Handover domain are documented in an internationally finalized Exchange Requirements (ER’s). The definition of that portion of the IFC model required to support those exchanges are documented in an internationally finalized FM Handover Model View Definition (MVD). A certification issued by the international buildingSMART indicates that those firms providing the FM MVD information in the IFC format meet the format and quality requirements of the FM MVD. The certification includes an export certification for delivery of the Basic FM Handover information and an import certification for consuming those in an CAFM and CMMS application.
  • The Challenge ensures that the information content, either in the IFC model format or equivalent formats, may be created by typical end-users with today’s commercial products and instructions provided by software companies. One of the formats through which FM Handover information may be exchanged, that has begun to be used in the United States is the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) format. COBie is an XML format that may be directly viewed with commercially available spreadsheet software. As part of the FM Aquarium, COBie has been simplified and updated to ensure compliance with the international MVD. Those firms meeting the COBie2 Challenge will have demonstrated their ability to produce and/or consume the required COBie2 information as relevant to that firm’s position with the project life-cycle. Those supplying COBie2 information will be evaluated against automated COBie2 format and quality checks. Those consuming COBie2 information will be evaluated against a quality control/assurance review of that software’s use of COBie2 information.

The following document describes in detail the criteria for quality assessment and verification. It is based on the exchange requirements and model view definitions as the guiding specifications to assessing the quality of the solutions.