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Structural Analysis View Summary

The buildingSMART model view definition "Structural Design to Structural Analysis" covers the exchange requirements to send the structural analysis model, created in a structural design application by a structural engineer to one or many structural analysis applications. It supports, among other purposes, that the same structural analysis model can be analyzed by many analysis applications (using different analysis methods or codes, or being specialized to either steel, concrete or timber structures).

The structural analysis model view itself is independent of the main construction type (i.e. whether it is a steel, concrete, or timber construction). It comprises the structural analysis model with loads, load groups and combinations, structural analysis curve and surface members, connections and boundary conditions and material and profile information.

Structural Analysis View Overview

The figure shows some of the information items that are in scope of the structural analysis model view. The following structural analysis model view documents are available:

The document are also available for online access at the IFC solution factory, an external database environment supporting MVD development.



  • the main scope, concepts and implementation agreements had been developed by the buildingSMART International Structural Engineering Domain group in 2005-07
  • the work has been formalized and completed according to the MVD methodology by Tampere University of Technology in 2007-08