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The final ifcXML release for IFC2x Edition 2 has been published.

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The ifcXML release is published as an XML Schema Definition, XSD, derived from the IFC EXPRESS model. The language binding, i.e. the method of how to translate the IFC EXPRESS model into the ifcXML XSD model, follows the international standard ISO 10303-28 ed2 "XML representation of EXPRESS schemas and data". The ISO/CD 10303-28ed2 version of 05-04-2004 is used for the language binding.

The ifcXML schema consists of two parts:

  • ex.xsd - the common schema for all translated EXPRESS models containing the definitions for the header section and the general data types that results from the translation of the EXPRESS data types. It is a part of ISO 10303-28 ed2.
  • IFC2X2_FINAL.xsd - the IFC2x2 specific unit of serialization, uos, that contains the XSD definitions of all IFC specific classes, relationships, attributes and data types.

In addition the packages contains configuration files, normally they are not of interest to implementers, since the content is fixed. The configuration files determine the way, how the EXPRESS file was translated into XSD, and refer to the configurable part of ISO 10303-28 ed2.
  • configuration.xml - the configuration file chosen for ifcXML2x2
  • configuration.xsd - the schema definition, being part of ISO 10303-28 ed2

The ifcXML2x2 file has the following name spaces and XSD file locations, that should be used for online validation, see also name space discussion.
  • ex.xsd
    • name space:
    • name space alias: ex
    • XSD schema location:
  • IFC2X2_FINAL.xsd
    • name space:
    • name space alias: ifc
    • XSD schema location: