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NameSpace Discussion

The following example is used to provide guidance on using the correct name spaces and name space prefixes in an ifcXML document file using the ifcXML2x3 release. Those examples validate in an XML parser, such as xmlspy.

In ifcXML the schema has the following global setting

  • elementFormDefault="qualified"
  • attributeFormDefault="unqualified"


XML elements therefore have always to be either in the default name space, xmlns, or prefixed by the name space alias:

  • ifc for
  • ex for



ifcXML2x3_example spaces_case1
Example of ifcXML2x3 - a test file of a story with walls, windows, doors and spaces.


Case 1: use of name space declarations to avoid most name space prefixes.

xml_file_icon download sample ifcXML file for the case 1 example

<iso_10303_28 version="2.0"
		<organization>Building Designer Office</organization>
		<preprocessor_version>Express Data Manager Version 4.7.065 Oct 30 2006</preprocessor_version>
		<originating_system>Windows System</originating_system>
		<authorization>The authorising person</authorization>
		<documentation>ArchiCAD 10.00 Release 1.Build Number of the Ifc 2x3 interface: 63044 (18-04-2007)</documentation>
	<uos id="uos_1" description="" configuration="i-ifc2x3" edo="" 
		<IfcProject id="i1609">
				<IfcOwnerHistory xsi:nil="true" ref="i1568"/>
			<Name>Default Project</Name>
			<RepresentationContexts ex:cType="set">
				<IfcGeometricRepresentationContext pos="0" xsi:nil="true" ref="i1606"/>
				<IfcGeometricRepresentationContext pos="1" xsi:nil="true" ref="i1665"/>
				<IfcGeometricRepresentationContext pos="2" xsi:nil="true" ref="i1736"/>
				<IfcUnitAssignment xsi:nil="true" ref="i1581"/>