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simple ifcXML summary

The following "simple ifcXML" specifications based on the IFC4 release candidate 4 have been published:

  • Simple Product Library
    to publish product catalogues including geometric representations and product properties
The idea of "simple ifcXML" is to provide use case specific IFC model definitions. This enables to reduce complexity and thus to simplify implementation. It also reduces the file size, which is leading to lower resource requirements. 
A "simple ifcXML" is not only based on a subset of the entire IFC model, also known as a Model View Definition, but also makes further use of the configuration capabilities of the ISO 10303-28 standard for translating the IFC EXPRESS model into the ifcXML XSD model. In addition to the configuration settings for the entire ifcXML XSD model it mainly adjusts relationships for a more efficient data management. 
The specification of a simple ifcXML XSD model is generated with the steps as shown in the figure below.
IFC to simple ifcXML
According to this process a simple ifcXML package shall include the following specifications:
  • Model View Definition (MVD) provided as mvdXML specification, IFC EXPRESS submodel and further documentation including use case definitions and example files
  • ISO 10303-28 configuration settings for translating the IFC EXPRESS submodel to the simple ifcXML XSD model
  • simple ifcXML XSD model