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mvdXML releases



mvdXML Definition

An mvdXML file, together with the baseline IFC Schema and documentation, contains all information to openly publish a Model View Definition. In addition (since mvdXML 1.1) it may contain validation rules for data submissions. The ifcDoc tool can be used to author MVD's and to auto-generate MVD documentation.

mvdXML Releases

The first published release, mvdXML 1.0 had been made available in 2013 as part of the IFC4 developments. The oofficial IFC4 documentation is generated on the basis of mvdXML 1.0.

The current development release is mvdXML 1.1. The main focus is fixing small issues and inconsistencies found in mvdXML 1.0, greatly update and improve the documentation (including several new examples), and to add a reworked specification for including validation rules to the mvdXML standard

mvdXML Format Scope

An IFC Model View Definition defines a legal subset of the IFC Schema (being complete) and provides implementation guidance (or implementation agreements) for all IFC concepts (classes, attributes, relationships, property sets, quantity definitions, etc.) used within this subset. It thereby represents the software requirement specification for the implementation of an IFC interface to satisfy the Exchange Requirements.

The Model View Definition XML format (mvdXML) captures the following:

  • Exchange Definitions indicating import and export scenarios for each model view
  • Concept Roots indicating entities of the IFC schema included within the model view
  • Concept Nodes indicating rules for valid attribute values and referenced types
  • Concept Templates which may be re-used across related entities
  • Exchange Requirements indicating mandatory, optional, or excluded concepts for each exchange

Usage of mvdXML files is intended for several scenarios:

  • Test servers performing automated validation of IFC files for conformance or application certification
  • Documentation and diagrams generated for IFC and IFC model view definitions
  • Software applications performing automated filtering or validation of IFC files for model views
  • Check for completeness of IFC-based data for agreed and contracted exchanges (validation)