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mvdXML 1.0



mvdXML 1.0

The focus of the mvdXML Version 1.0 lies on the documentation of Model View Definitions, MVD's. It allows for a neutral format to describe MVD's.

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Overview on mvdXML 1.0 release

Current mvdXML release is mvdXML 1.0. The main scope of mvdXML 1.0 is to define the MVD concepts and concept tables to support the MVD documentation, the included entities and attributes (the MVD snippets) to support the generation of the MVD specific IFC subset schema.

The mvdXML version 1.0 will be superseeded by the new mvdXML version 1.1. It is the outcome of the buildingSMART International Project S1015 "Enabling trust in BIM deliveries", and focusses on the validation component to enable completeness checks for IFC based BIM submissions.

NOTE: all future extensions and maintenance of mvdXML will be based by mvdXML 1.1, which is now also subjected to the new buildingSMART International standards programme.