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Summary of Property Set Releases



Property Set Schema (PSD)

Official buildingSMART Property Set Definition PSD schemas are published here. The property sets, published as part of the official buildingSMART IFC releases validate against these schema definitions

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buildingSMART PSD schema scope and purpose

This section contains contains all information about the definition of IFC properties, organized in IFC property sets. Property sets are a way to exchange alphanumeric information attached to spaces, building elements and other components.

Since there are numerous alphanumeric attribute definitions depending on discipline, life-cycle stage, building regulation and region, there will never be a complete set of internationally standardized attributes. IFC defined property sets intent to standardize a basic set of properties, whereas other property sets can be regionally defined, or agreed upon in projects.

In addition to the IFC standard the buildingSMART Model Support Group has developed an XML schema definition, PSD - Property Set Definition - schema for the definition of property sets and properties. The IFC schema then references XML files with the IFC defined property definitions as part of the IFC specification.

PSD Schema Definition

Property Set Definitions as part of the IFC Schema