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buildingSMART standards


buildingSMART Standards


buildingSMART is now using new descriptions for its standards:

  • buildingSMART data models
  • buildingSMART process definitions
  • buildingSMART dictionary terms
In addition to standards developed inside the  buildingSMART organization, buildingSMART also recognizes externally developed specifications, see Affiliated Specifications.


quick overview on buildingSMART standards

To paint the full picture:

  • IFC (ISO 16759) is the main ‘buildingSMART data model' standard. An MVD is a subset of IFC to satisfy one or several exchange requirements, defined in an Information Delivery Manual (IDM). But there are others: for example BCF is a candidate for a new ‘buildingSMART data model’ standard for collaboration messages, mvdXML is a candidate for a new ‘buildingSMART data model’ standard for exchanging MVD specifications.
  • IDM (ISO 29481) is the main 'buildingSMART process definition' standard.
  • IFD (ISO 12006-3) is the main standard for 'buildingSMART dictionary terms'.


In each of these categories there may arise new, but still compatible, standards in the future.