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ifcDoc Baselines

Publication of baseline documents to be loaded into ifcDoc

The starting point of a Model View Definition is the underlying IFC schema specification and a set of reusable MVD concept templates and concept use definitions. The ifcDoc file format allows to capture all of the IFC schema definitions (the IFC schema as such, the property set definitions and the quantity set definitions). In addition it can include already MVD content (reusable concept templates, MVD specific concept use definitions, and MVD definitions with Exchange Requirements incorporated).

Currently available baseline .ifcdoc files include:



This baseline file also includes re-usable concept templates for mvdXML, such as for defining property sets, composition rules, materials, ports, and other concepts.  Once the schema has been loaded, use the Insert menu to create a new Model View, which may contain multiple Exchange Definitions.  Concept Templates may also be created, each of which may contain sub-templates.  To mark an entity within scope of a model view, select the entity within the tree, choose Insert Concept Root, and select the Model View.

To add a concept to an entity, select the Concept Root just created, choose Insert Concept Leaf, and select the Concept Template.  To customize the concept, select the Concept Leaf and choose Edit Properties. From here, you may define configurations of the concept and indicate import/export requirements for each Exchange Definition.