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ifcDoc Tool Summary


The purpose of this site is to introduce the new tools and methods developed by buildingSMART International to improve the consistent and computer-interpretable definition of Model View Definitions (MVD) as true subsets of the IFC Specification with enhanced definition of concepts.

The IfcDoc software can be downloaded here; it is based on the mvdXML specification. The tool and methodology can be applied to all IFC releases, we currently provide the baseline for IFC2x3 and for IFC4.



buildingSMART provides support for early adapters in form of a dedicated email list and by periodic teleconferences.

In order to join, you need to subscribe to the email list by by going to Once subscribed you also receive the invitation for the teleconferences.



The IFC documentation generator is the software tool used to generate the IFC documentation (from IFC4 onwards) and to develop MVD's and is available here:


Baseline Definitions & Samples

The development of MVD's using the ifcDoc application start with importing a baseline file. The baseline file contains the full computer interpretable IFC schema specification (including all documentation) and a pre-selected set of reusable MVD concept definitions. 

Baseline definitions and the repository of samples are available here:

Documentation and Help

An ifcDoc user guide is available and additional help pages are currently under development. The provide a step by step approach to developing and publishing Model View Definitions using the new mvdXML/ifcDoc framework. They are available here:


Feedback is always welcome.  Please send questions, comments, or bug reports to Tim Chipman.