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ifcDoc Download Page

ifcDoc download page

The latest version of the ifcDoc software can be downloaded here:


Versioning information

VersionRelease notes
V12.0 Simplified MVD editing, ifcXML fixes, IfcKit improvements
V11.9 Toolkit integration, improved mappings for GitHub, bsDD
V11.8 Github folder sync
V11.7 mvdXML 1.1-1.2 switch, rule localization, C# improvements, bsDD
V11.6 mvdXML 1.2, C# output, UML diagrams
V11.5 model view change logs, references
V11.4 change logs, example mappings, UI improvements
V11.3 deprecation, sorting, concept mappings
V11.2 concept tree, template item status, schema directory structure
V11.1 external examples, filtering fixes
V11.0 UI improvements
V10.9 partial template diagrams, expanded property concepts
V10.8 UI improvements, diagram editing
V10.7 final enhancements for IFC4_ADD2
V10.6 change logs for property enums, xsd; xsd sequenced wrappers
V10.5 property inheritance, concepts for quantities
V10.4 property concepts, UI improvements, OWL-TTL
V10.3 parameter editing, mvdXML fixes
V10.2 format conversion, JSON output
V10.1 documentation output updates for IFC4 Addendum 2
V10.0 mvdXML snippets
V9.9 conditional templates; 64-bit; misc. changes
V9.8 image copying; override parent concepts; exchange table cross-tabs
V9.7 format extensions; table generation; zip files
V9.6 ifcXML output; UML diagrams; publications
V9.5 find text; requirements; precondition checking
V9.4 remove cardinality; include optional items in operators
V9.3 mvdXML 1.1d; template operators; UI improvements
V9.2 optional parameter validation, template referencing fixes
V9.1 enhanced merging, template validation, link pages
V9.0 validation fixes, formatting, property references
V8.9 editing, reporting improvements
V8.8 diagram drag-drop, optional validation items
V8.7 Editing, validation improvements
V8.6 Nested concepts, nested parameter validation
V8.5 Parameter-level validation reporting
V8.4 List validation fixes
V8.3 Extended validation UI and reporting
V8.2 Concept inheritance control
V8.1 Streamlined UI, interactive validation
V8.0 MVD schema validation, DTV format updates
V7.9 TC1 documentation, parameter validation reports
V7.8 Property validation, editing improvements
V7.7 Validation summary, format validation
V7.6 Validation report detail
V7.5 Inheritance listings and diagrams
V7.4 Formatting, bibliography, validation fixes
V7.3 Formatting, change logs, nested terms, exchange validation
V7.2 Integrated examples
V7.1 HTML5 formatting, bug fixes
V7.0 Updated formatting, validation compiler fixes
V6.9 Expanded clipboard support, attribute tables
V6.8 View inheritance, validation report summaries
V6.7 Exchange requirement grid, validation fixes
V6.6 Compiled rules, detailed validation reports
V6.5 Non-filtered EXPRESS output, bug fixes
V6.4 Documentation output for chained templates
V6.3 Chained templates and concepts
V6.2 Inheritance diagrams, streamlined UI
V6.1 Expanded rule editing, instance graph editing
V6.0 mvdXML 1.1, PSD localized enumerations
V5.9 EXPRESS-G formatting, trees, page references, schema references
V5.8 Property enumeration localization, EXPRESS-G editing and output, rename
V5.7 schema editing, MVD XSD format, terms, references
V5.6 ifcXML output, template customization
V5.5 Requirements diagram editing, streamlined filtering, streamlined report output
V5.4 Source code output, validation fix for older files
V5.3 Bug fixes from Jira, PSD export fixes, file size optimization
V5.2 MVD repository support, property and quantity change logs
V5.1 MVD filtering improvements
V5.0 IFC4 Final formatting
V4.9 Full documentation output, template inheritance
V4.8 Improvements editing concepts
V4.7 Model view tables, upload-download, filter fixes
V4.6 Exchange tables, inheritance listings, schema output
V4.5 File merging, RC4 improvements
V4.4 Documentation output fixes
V4.3 Localization, nested examples, editing improvements
V4.2 Property set editing and export, locale regions
V4.1 Filtered output of EXPRESS and XSD, HTML bug fixes
V4.0 XSD output, targeted filtering, bug fixes
V3.9 mvdXML merging, EXPRESS export, UI consistency
V3.8 Filters for export and documentation, automatic formatting
V3.7 Support for Concept Roots


Getting started

To use this tool, download and unzip to a directory and launch the executable.  The application displays an empty hierarchy of documentation to be generated. Before authoring mvdXML, the schema must be defined and this is best being accomplished by loading a baseline .ifcdoc file for an IFC schema into ifcDoc. These baseline files are published here.